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Grand Central Hall Liverpool

Grand Central Hall is a Grade II listed building located in 35 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, England. It is a former Methodist church that is now used as accommodation for many alternative shops of the type formerly based at Quiggins, Liverpool.
Grand Central – is an unique ornate and characterful old building and it's packed with literally dozens of different vintage, second-hand and independent clothes boutiques. Some are lavishly decorated and include characterful dressing rooms and eccentric owners whilst others are more basic / no-frills store-fronts with a till and a few display units. We love quirky places like this. There are still a good amount of shops in the Hall but also quite a few empty units.
Most of the shops are reasonably priced and usually have some great items hidden amongst the racks. There's also a few jewellery and accessory stalls, a dressmakers, a seamstress and a record shop. I love the colour of building walls and the steps. Walking up there is a beautiful floor filled with zodiac signs, masses of marble and gold all over the place - the building itself is a work of art! A magnificent building!

Grand Central kind of looks what it sounds like - it resembles a Victorian railway station and I had no idea what I could expect when I entered the building out of sheer curiosity and I was thrilled - this building and it's weird and quirky atmosphere could only be home to really cool shops...
Well, so it is. On three floors, the weirdest stuff ranging from bowler hats to "Punk is not dead" shirts, from handbags consisting only of zippers, from antique and vintage books….dolls….bags…. vinyl, comics…. to feather boas, from 60's style flower dresses to second-hand bow-ties, is sold.
You can get nearly everything here that is either useless or stylish or both. In several of the shops, the owners sew and tailor themselves so all products are unique. Others seem to be closed most time of the day but the owner is just next door for a chat and will pop up next to you if you get lost in thoughts how cool that weird hat just over there would look on your head at the next motto party... There are shopkeepers who smell like they smoked a joint a minute ago and others who are busy sewing little trousers that will make your toddler look like a clown.
This place is a hidden treasure!!
Certainly the best part about this community is their friendly natures and helpfulness, the people whom work here obviously care and you can feel it all throughout the building.
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