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The Big Covid Theory - дискуссия учёных по ковиду

Это очень длинное видео, почти два часа.
Это настоящие учёные с большим опытом и не продажные глобальным вакцинаторам.

Длинное видео, почти 2 часа.

Немного моментов из видео:

The problem is not the individuals who are vaccinated, the problem is the mass vaccination to push the whole population to exert widespread immune pressure, that is how finally the more infectious variant can adapt to the population and become dominant (начиная с 36:08 обьяснятся на слайде). Makes sense, имхо.

Берегите невакцинированных:
the unvaccinated diminish the infectious pressure.

Руки прочь от детей:
The worst thing ever to do is to vaccinate younger age groups, as this is the buffer and is our hope for herd immunity.
They are vacuum cleaners. Even if they get a disease they resist it, as they have a high rate of innate antibodies.
If you start vaccinating them they will lose this potential and will start breeding more infectious strains.
We need to stop mass vaccination of course because we are just converting all this potential to build herd immunity to its opposite.

Несколько цитат:
In all countries where we have high vaccination rates we have high infection rates.
If we continue with mass vaccination nature will win.
In the UK databases there is a persistent signal that there seems to be an excess in deaths in the vaccinated and yet a relative deficit in severe disease comparing to the unvaccinated.
We are overlooking the risk that over-vaccinating can actually result in high zone tolerance.
We are at risk, and there is some data that is consistent with that, that if we take this kind of policy of over-vaccinating, and that includes two jabs after natural infection, this can actually reduce your T-cell responses.
As we look forward in vaccine policy there is the assumption that more is better. That's not true with vaccines.
And there are other complicating factors as we drive towards higher replicating virus because of our policies, more viral load, we are going to see more immune complex disease.
Стрим начался всего 18 часов назад, но уже много просмотров и комментов.

Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, Director of Oxford Vaccine Group:
I think we are in a situation here with this new variant, where herd immunity is not a possibility because it still infects vaccinated individuals
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