fantazarka (fantazarka) wrote,

choose to be happy

I woke up this morning appeared to be a somewhat gray and dreary day...

then this thought came to me – why be affected by the musl idiots?

I fell down and had the unfortunate chance of encountering a jerks but I should not let it affect my
so, I decided, today and for the rest of ...(?) this holiday, I’ll choose to be happy!!

my family is happy and in good health.
I’m married to Mr. Right - my soulmate.
He - who makes me laugh and loves me for who I am (bad habits and all).
I shall avoid further elaboration to spare everyone from mushy statements.
I’m physically fit and able to engage in art, sports and my hobby.
we travel a lot for work and pleasure, the wonderlust bug is still ever present.

Some of us are born smiling; most of us have to work at it. This may take learning some new techniques and unlearning some old mental habit--but the joyful news from the frontiers of science and psychology is that mood is malleable and happiness is yours for the choosing.



Tags: life is a piece of shit, philosophy

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